Quick Crescent Taco Pie

Quick Crescent Taco Pie

Quick Crescent Taco Pie
All of the taco fixings are layered between triangles of crescent roll dough and pressed into a 10-inch pie pan. The ground meat, sour cream, and cheese are placed after the corn chips. The pie is then covered in a final layer of corn chips. It is baked until golden, then sliced and served with avocado slices and shredded lettuce.

Ground chuck should be browned in a big frying pan.

Take the oil out.

Olives and seasoning mixture are stirred in.

5 minutes of simmering.

Crepe dough should be divided into 8 triangles.

Place triangles in a 10-inch pie pan without grease, pressing them down to create a crust.

1 cup of corn chips should be scattered over the crust’s base.

Place meat mixture on top of the corn chips and crust.

After dousing the meat mixture with sour cream, sprinkle cheese on top.

On top, scatter the remaining corn chips.

When the crust is golden brown, bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).