Crazy Creamy Chickpea Curry

Crazy Creamy Chickpea Curry

Crazy Creamy Chickpea Curry
Coconut milk adds creaminess to this vegan chickpea curry dish, while enhancing the spicier notes. Serve alongside rice for a filling meal.

In a large, 4-quart pot set over medium heat, melt the coconut oil.

5 to 7 minutes of light browning the onion.

Add the ginger and garlic, and cook for 30 seconds or so, until fragrant.

Stir in the tomato paste, curry powder, pepper flakes, broth, soy sauce, and maple syrup.

Put in the potatoes and carrots, cover the pot, and bring to a boil.

Keep lid slightly ajar and immediately lower the heat to a simmer.

about 10 minutes, or just until potatoes are tender.

Add the cilantro, coconut milk, chickpeas, and cauliflower.

Gently stir to combine.

Return to a simmer and cook the cauliflower for 5 to 7 minutes with the lid slightly ajar.

Add the peas and stir-fry for about a minute, or until heated through.